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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

my love better than before :)

can you look to only one person for the rest of your life?can you care someone you love than yourself? if someone ask me, i will answers that yes i can n you are the one i love my love..but i wont promise you if i knew that i'm going to feel a little waver, and i will not start everthing if i know that the heart can heal itself.. but i'm sure that you are my love, i love better than before, more than yesterday, i have never met someone special and really precious to me that it is you, you are a part of my important life, but what i know, to gain our happiness, i must dealt with a lot of pain.

when comes the day that hard and sad, just believe it will end soon and the only thing that will never endless is our precious should know why it is really precious to us..the sweet memories, the laugh of you, the smile from you, the sweet face of you, make me feel wonderful and energetic, make me feel more happy and peace.. but you should know that i don't ever to do this again, breaking up with cause me a lot of pain, but if so just hope that can meet you once more whenever and forever, because it feels like my overwhelming heart will explode because i think the person in front me isn't really you, i run and embrace you, comfort you, i'm the one that really too worried..but it is all alright because whatever happen always remember our sweet moment, memories, joy and our love..never apart sweetheart :)

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